Episode 000 - Intro

Episode 000: Welcome and Let’s Go!

Every day the conditions in which we are living keep getting worse and worse. More fires, flooding and species going extinct every day as our planet continues to warm, produce microplastics and generally deteriorate as we don’t do a great job taking care of our planet.

But wait! There is still hope! I’m Patrick Shipway, a chemist, teacher and innovator and I’m here to introduce you to 1000 Ways Green! The goal of this succinct podcast is to quickly break down one “something” we all can attempt to do to help save the planet each and every week. Jump on board and let’s see what kind of collective difference we can make together.

The plan here for each episode is to talk about the issue, why it's a problem and give you a few small things you can do to help. Often these things will be listed as different shades of green. The lighter the green, the easier the activity but also less of an impact. The darker the green the bigger the impact, but also a bigger lift on you. I'm not expecting anyone to go full dark forest green every week but rather to attempt to pick the choice that feels just a little like a stretch but doable. And heck some weeks are chaos so don't beat yourself up if you're barely green that week. The goal is to improve our planet in whatever ways we're capable.

Until next time, stay green and be seen.