Episode 11 - Green at Work - Part 2

Welcome to 1000 Ways Green! The show where we are going to give busy people like you easy ways to help save the planet for our future generations, and try to save you money along the way.

I’m Patrick Shipway and I want to welcome you back! I’m glad you’re here to learn about more things you can do to greenify your workplace. Is that a word? Probably not, but this isn’t a podcast about grammar so I don’t care.

Mint Green level: Your mint green challenge this week is to bring in a plant to have at your desk. By having one there, it will not only pull CO2 out of the air but is also likely to purify the air around you and make you feel healthier, faster and more productive. Article linked in the show notes. So I’m also going to ask you, are you willing to take this one step further and also have this conversation with your coworkers and pass along this information, and ask them if they would like to bring these benefits to themself and those around them.

Shamrock Green level: For your shamrock green level challenge this week is twofold. Firstfold is to personally stop taking the elevator, both at work and when out and about. This will both use less electricity and power and help you get a little more fit. Climbing an average of 2-4 flights of stairs a day will also reduce your mortality risk, which personally I would prefer not to die, guessing (and hoping) the same goes for you.

The second fold part of this is to try to start a stair climbing challenge at your workplace and see how many times you can get you and your coworkers to avoid the elevator and take flights of stairs.

Forest green level: For this week’s forest green challenge we are again going to look at a larger or more systemic change. This one requires you to talk to the person that tends to order food for get togethers and ask them if they can stop allowing single use plastics for all future office parties and events.

Until next time, Be Green and Be Seen.

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