Episode 12 - Green at Work - Part 3

Welcome to 1000 Ways Green! The show where we are going to give busy people like you easy ways to help save the planet for our future generations, and try to save you money along the way.

I’m Parick Shipway and I want to welcome you back! We are going to do our 3rd and final session (at least for a while) on things you can do to be green at work this week.

Mint Green level: Your mint green challenge this week is to actually turn off your monitors, laptop, desktop, iPad or whatever work machine you have when you leave if you’re not going to be using it for at least the next few hours. Now, I’ll admit, I’m pretty bad at this and I like to simply put my devices to sleep or hibernate when possible but that may be because I’m a tabaholic in chrome. Both of those are things I need to work on so this should likely be the challenge I choose this week.

Shamrock Green level: For your shamrock green level challenge this week I’m going to ask you to try to get your workplace to switch away from paper forms and go digital. This could be reimbursement forms, hourly payroll, health insurance, and plenty more. IT IS 2022! There are HUNDREDS of ways to do this today and I’m guessing your workplace is currently using one of these common tools that can do it: Microsoft (forms), Google (forms), typeform, or jotform. Not only will this help the environment but will also make people more efficient at work and let you have more time for actual meaningful work.

Forest green level: For this week’s forest green challenge you’re going to need to talk to the person who orders the cleaning supplies for your building/company. Even if you didn’t care about the environment, by doing this you’ll be able to help anyone who might have asthma get headaches or generally have respiratory issues. Most common household cleaners, to say nothing of the "heavy duty" cleaners some companies use contain ammonia, release VOCs or volatile organic compounds, and compounds that are carcinogenic or can cause cancer. I think those are a few good reasons to get your workplace to switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies. So I've put a link to a list of 10 eco-friendly alternatives that you can recommend to your Janitorial or Building Operations person in the show notes as alternatives.

That's it for this week. Until next time, Be Green and Be Seen.

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