Episode 19 - Sustainable Wrapping

Episode description: Whether you'll be celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, (or something else) with loved ones soon, come discover a total of six ways to be sustainable with your gift giving this year.

Intro: Welcome to 1000 Ways Green! The show where we give busy people like you easy ways to help save the planet for our future generations, and of course, try to save you money along the way. In a minute we will be jumping in and talking about what you can do with your holiday gifts to make them more sustainable but before we do I want to let you know that this will be the last episode of 1000 Ways Green for 2022. We’ll be back in January of 2023 to start season two.

Onto this week's three things…

Mint Green level: Less is more: Ditch the tissue and unnecessary filler unless they’re made from reusable components.

Shamrock Green level: If you're going to use gift wrap, keep it green by using wrap made from recycled paper that IS also recyclable. Check before you buy. Also note: Many towns will not recycle gift wrap, especially the shiny stuff. Check with your local waste provider before you try to recycle.

Forest green level: We're going down a bit of an inception rabbit whole here today for your Forest green level challenge and giving you 3 challenge levels within 1 level.

First and easiest: reuse gift boxes, wrapping paper, ribbons, and gift bags. Store them in a large container for reuse.

Second, and better: make the wrapping you're using a part of the gift, such as reusable shopping bags, reusable containers (think a cookie jar, mason jar, decorative glass containers) or scarves, blankets,or pretty planter pots.

Third, and best: repurpose what you have around the house; newspapers, magazines, pillowcases, scarves, cloth napkins, pretty glass containers or recycled paper decorated by you or your kids (GRANDMA AND GRANDPA LOVE MY ART!) because it really is the thought that counts, both for your loved ones and for helping the planet.

One last reminder that this is our last episode for the year, but we’ll be back with you in 2023. Take the time in the middle to cherish your loved ones.

Until 2023, Be Green and Be Seen.