Episode 1 - Transportation

Episode 001: Transportation

News flash! Driving our cars creates a ton of CO2 every year. And flying in planes is so much worse, (though I doubt that was actually a news flash to any of you listening to this Podcast). And we're all busy people who have to get things done fast and don't have enough time these days. I get that, but I am going to give you three things you can do or try this week that will help:

1st: Mint Green (This is our light green level): Next time you're going somewhere that is less than 2 miles (about 3km for my non-US folks), try to walk instead. Not only will it not use gas but it'll make you healthier. If everyone did this today we would save 127,272 metric tons of CO2 which is equivalent to the energy required to power 51,830 homes for a day. And if you want to make some money along the way you can check out the CashWalk app that pays you in gift cards for your walking. I have a link in the show notes that will start you off with a free 100 coins, it has definitely helped me walk more and pay for some of the necessities my family needs.

2nd: Shamrock green (This is our medium green level): Look into public transportation or carpooling to work and try it out once this week. Not only will you not be driving but it'll also allow you to get time back in your day! You could get more work done, learn a new language, read a book, or just binge watch another episode of that great show.

3rd: Forest green (This is our dark green level): Take the time this week to buy an electric vehicle (or at least research it for your next vehicle). Not only are the emissions way lower but it'll also save you money in the long run. My wife and I have had 2 EVs in the last 5 years and our maintenance cost is almost nothing plus our monthly fueling costs went from $200/mo to under $50/mo. When our other car dies and we have both vehicles electric, it'll drop even more. With the high gas prices right now, we're currently paying 1/12th the cost per mile.

4th: A bonus green, let’s call this lime green: next time you need to fly somewhere, go to Google.com/flights to check out comparisons of your flight options and see how much CO2 that trip will produce and try to choose one with a smaller emissions.

There are your 3, well 4 green things you can do this week to help save the planet. Pick one and let me know how it goes and that's it for this week. As always be green and be seen.