Episode 17 - Sustainable Thanksgiving

Welcome to 1000 Ways Green! The show where we give busy people like you easy ways to help save the planet for our future generations, and of course, try to save you money along the way.

Onto this week's three things…

Mint Green level: Whether this year or in the future, strive to use natural decorations, such as pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and dried leaves rather than buying plastic, yearly or disposable decorations.

Shamrock Green level: Use real plates and silverware. I know it is tempting to just grab some disposable plates but every time we do we are creating more waste, and telling the companies that we value their disposable, cheap stuff and will incentivize them to make more of it. So the mint green challenge this week is to use all of your real plates or pull out your fine China. If you’re hosting and don’t have enough, when people ask you what they can bring, ask them to bring their real plates and make teamwork of cleaning them after the meal for all of our good. Or if you’re going to someone else’s place, ask if they have enough plates and silverware, if they don’t or if they say they are using disposable ones, offer to bring your own.

Forest green level: Choose better food. Easy ones are using vegetable broth instead of chicken broth for your soup bases, use olive oil instead of butter with your veggies. For a bigger impact, swap out the meat in your stuffing and for carrots, celery, lentils and onions. And of course the best thing you can do is to not have a turkey at all, so I’m linking to a recipe for a Vegan Turkey in the show notes you can try. If giving up your traditional turkey is too much for you, I’d like you to at least consider purchasing a certified-organic or pasture-raised turkey. Not only are they helping to revitalize agricultural land along with but they are also free of antibiotics, hormone stimulants, preservatives and other harmful ingredients, making it healthier for you.

That is it for this week. If you like the show please rate and leave a comment on your podcast player of choice. Also one of the nicest compliments you can do is to recommend it to a friend. Reminder that the 2022 1000 Ways Green Sustainable Holiday Shopping Guide is up on the website for you to check out. And last but not least, be appreciative and thankful for all that you have, and know that I am thankful for you. Until next time, be green and be seen.

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